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How does dropshipping work?

Once you join our dropship program, our inventory becomes your inventory. You do not have to buy and stock any inventory until you make a sale. You sell first, order from our wholesale website and we ship to your customer.

How long does shipping take?

We guarantee delivery to anywhere in US within 5-7 business days. Click on the link below for more info.

Do you ship to US TERRITORIES?

Yes we can ship to US territories like, Puerto Rico, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and American Samoa

Do you dropship internationally?

Currently we can dropship within USA only. What our international partners is they find a shipping partner here in the USA, we will ship the packages to them, the shipping company will either forward the package to you or forward the package to your customer. Maybe this is something you can look in to setting up.
You can check out this website below as an example of a company that some of our partners use.

How much is shipping?

Shipping cost is based on the amount of items in the order. You can get shipping price info here.

Is any of your info on the merchandise?

No our company information is not on the merchandise we sell. We source the items from local manufacturers based out of LOS ANGELES, CA - so the only name on the inside tag is the name of the manufacturer. I don’t have an online store and don’t know where to start.

We recommend setting up a store with, after that you can GET our app. and start to add items to your store easily.

Do you offer a turnkey website solution?

Yes we do offer a Turnkey Shopify website, already setup and preloaded with our items, made extremely simple and easy for you to start your business. Please click here for more info.

Is your company info on the shipping label?

No our company info is not on the label, please click on the link below for more shipping info.

Where is the item being shipped from?

Every order is packed and shipped from our warehouse in LOS ANGELES, CA
How much stock do you have of each item.
Some items we have in the a few dozen, some we have a few hundred, really depends on the item.

Do you restock items?

Yes we restock most of the new items added usually 2 times a week.

How often do you add new items?

New items are added every MON, TUE, WED, THUR.

Where can I sell the items?

You can sell our items on any website or platform you like. We do have an APP created for Shopify store owners that makes the process easier. We also have integration option available for all the popular platforms like amazon, ebay, woocommerce, bigcommerce, magento, etc... You can get more info here. We do prohibit our items being listed and resold on any dropship applications and platforms provided on the shopify app platform APPS.SHOPIFY.COM

How quickly do you ship?

All orders are processed and shipped within 1-2 business days, guarantee delivery within 5-7 business days from the day you place the order. You can get more info here.

Your wholesale website says min $100 per order, do I have to order $100 every time I place an order?

No $100 minimum is for our regular wholesale customers, once you have a dropship account with us, the $100 minimum requirement is removed from your account.

Do I have to sign up long term contract?

No you can join our program on a month to month basis & cancel anytime you want.

What about if my customer want to do a return?

For all our dropship members we offer a free return policy. We will provide you with a prepaid shipping label you can forward to your customer – they can return the item for full refund. You can get more info here.

Where can we go to see your complete catalog?

Please visit our website to view our complete catalog of items in stock ready to ship. New items every week!

How much money can I make?

This completely depends on you. It depends on how you price the items on your website and how much traffic you bring to your store. The great advantage about joining a dropship program is you do not have to spend any money up front on inventory, warehousing & employees. So your time and effort can be focused on marketing your business and your website.

How much can I sell the items for?

You have total control over the retail price of the items you want to sell. Normally we recommend reselling our items at double the cost, or anything close to that. You don’t want to price the items to high or too low. Doubling the cost will give you profit margins of around 50% example. if you sell $1000/month your profit before expenses will be $500

What other expenses will I have?

This will vary on how you structure your business. But as an example if you get our APP to use with a shopify store. Your total expense will be $60/month. We charge $29/month for our APP, Shopify charges $29/month for their basic shopify plan. Your other expense will be whatever you decide to spend on marketing.

Is your merchandise true to size?

Yes our items are manufactured for the US market, they are true to size, Not China sizes.

Can we pick which items we want to sell?

Yes you can pick which ever items you want to sell.

Can I add my own items?

Yes you can add your own items to your store.

How do we place orders to be shipped to our customer?

You will place your orders on our wholesale website, you simply checkout with your info as billing info and your customers info as the shipping address. We will than blind ship your order to your customer.

What is going to be the cost of the items?

You can go to our wholesale website to see the items you will have access to and your cost.

Do you sell to the public?

No we do not sell to the public, our website is targeted to wholesale customers and dropshippers only.

Will we have access to all the items on

Yes, you will have access to all the items in we have in stock and new items being added daily.

How is inventory stock count updated?

If you have our Shopify APP, the inventory stock count is updated daily automatically to your store. If you have the standard $19 plan, you will receive email alerts for items out of stock and when items are restocked. We also offer Standard UPGRADE version, which allows you to integrate with popular platforms for automatic updates! You can get more info here.

How does the package look like?

Not only we will make sure your customer gets there order in a timely manner but also in a presentable and excellent condition! See below for more info on packing.